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Christmas Gifts for Homeless people

Not sure what to get someone who has everything they need for Christmas? We have the answer. Buy a gift for a homeless person in their name and we'll send you a card detailing the gift for you to give them. Simply download the leaflet, choose your gift and send the completed form with a cheque to the Booth Centre. Choose from a hot meal for £1 or a kettle and a toaster for someone moving into a new flat for £10. There are many more gifts to choose from.

Alternatively, would you be able to help to organise a collection of goods. The attachment below is a poster which details our Christmas appeal. You can print this out and display it somewhere suitable in your workplace. The poster highlights some of the items we need the most – things like food, toiletries and socks which we so often take for granted.

You'll notice there's a space on the poster to write the name of a local representative – you can use this if you think it would be easier to have one nominated person who could coordinate any donations from the people you work with.

Unfortunately we're not able to collect donations, so if you are able to arrange for any items to be given to the centre I would be grateful if you could contact us in advance to arrange a time to drop anything off.

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