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Our Activities Programme gives people the opportunity to structure their time around stimulating activities, which help them to tackle the boredom and low self esteem that so many homeless and ex-homeless people face.

All the sessions aim to increase people's skills, confidence, motivation and self esteem. People are encouraged to work together as a group. This all helps to tackle some of the root causes, and some of the damaging effects, of homelessness and helps ensure that people do not return to the streets.

In 2004 we set up a new Getting Qualified programme to help people to work for and be awarded nationally recognised qualifications as part of our Activities programme through the Greater Manchester Open College Network. In 2006/7 58 people were awarded a total of 149 qualifications and we are now extending the programme. More information can be downloaded in our evaluation report.

Four times a year we have a Presentation which acknowledges people's achievements, where we present certificates. People can build up portfolios of their certificates, art work, photography etc. and can take these to interviews for housing, further education or work.

203 people took part in our activities programme between April 2006 and March 2007.

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